Father's Day Crafts Kids can make

Jun 16, 2023

For Dads from Kids

It is usually easy to think of lots of fun and easy gifts for mom, but dad is a different story. He won't like the frilly little gifts that mom gushes over. So, as Father's Day approaches, you have to get creative and think about things that dad will love and can use. Here are a few suggestions for fun Father's Day crafts this year.

Loose Screw Paperweight

Dad can always use a paperweight and this one is easy and fun to make. Before starting, get in the garage and collect spare screws, nails, nuts, bolts and other small hardware items. Now, make a mixture of plaster of Paris and water (use the instructions on the box, or mix two parts of plaster and one part of water). You will only need enough to make a fist-sized paper weight.

Stir the plaster until it has a very smooth consistency. Spoon the mixture on to a piece of wax paper (or an aluminum pie pan) and have your child mold a paperweight. Press the hardware pieces into the plaster and allow the object to dry for several days. Have your child pick out a color of paint and spray paint the paperweight. Popular colors for dad may be gold, black, blue, or silver. Trace the bottom of the paperweight onto a piece of craft foam and cut it out. Attach to the bottom with glue so it will protect his desk from scratches.

Decoupage Pencil Holder

This is easy to make and you can be sure that dad will appreciate and use this little gift. You will need one empty and clean can. When you open the can, make sure the edges around the rim are not sharp. You can also use a clean quart sized paint can. Start by covering the can with a piece of cardstock paper or decorative scrapbook paper. Simply measure the can and cut it to size. Glue in place.

Next, print out or find several family pictures that you think dad will like. Have your child cut them out. Using Mod Podge or similar decoupage glue, coat the back of each picture and glue in place. Have your child create a picture collage on the can. When you are finished, coat the entire can in a thin layer of glue and allow to dry. Add some new pens or pencils and give to dad.

Make a mouse pad for Dad

Supplies needed:  clear contact paper, small piece of cardboard (recycled from a cereal box), your child’s artwork and scissors.  Note, the artwork and cardboard should be cut to the same size (mine was about 20cm x 25cm, but you can cut yours to suit your needs).

Have your child paint or draw a picture for dad on cardstock.  Once the picture is completed it’s ready to be turned into a mouse pad in a few easy steps

1) Cut a piece of contact paper that is an inch or more larger than your paintings and cardboard.  2) Peel off the paper backing off the contact paper and place the painting face down on the sticky side of the contact paper.  3) Layer your piece of cardboard on top 4) and then another painting face up on top of that.  Next, cut another piece of contact paper (larger than your paintings again), peel off the paper backing and carefully and slowly starting from one side and moving across the painting sandwich the paintings and cardboard between the two pieces of contact paper. Press firmly around the edges to ensure that the contact paper is sticking.  Trim your contact paper down to about a quarter of an inch on all sides leaving a small clear boarder.

And now you have the perfect desk accessory to give Dad.  And, with two different paintings on each side, it’s reversible!

A Hammer With a Message. 

First, have kids write sweet messages to their father figures on the handles of their hammers. Then, have an adult use a wood-burning tool to permanently etch the messages on the hammer

eg : You nailed it!


Big Shoes To Fill - Walking in our Hero's shoes

Before getting started, get some washable paint and a man’s shoe to make the father’s footprints. Then, have kids dip their feet into the paint and stamp them on top of the larger footprints. This gift will surely pull at the heartstrings of any father figure.



Rustic Photo Frame

Move over, macaroni frames, rustic twig frames are here to stay. Bring in the twigs or help your child gathering them from the garden. Break the twigs into 2cm sticks and stick these around the edge of a plain photo frame. You can make a photo frame out of cardboard and then add a cute photo of your child and his dad inside it.


Sweety Fish Tackle Box

For dads who have a sweet tooth or love to fish, here’s one of the simplest Father’s Day crafts for kids. Just pick up a plastic tackle box from the fishing, plastic or craft store. Then fill it with Marshmallow or Jelly sweet fish. Finally, tie a bow and attach the a tag with a "sweet" message

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