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Family Diary is a free online magazine and e-newsletter for families in the Kwazulu Natal region. Our regular email blogs keep families up to date with what is going on. Providing helpful info on making their lives simpler and more fun and enriching. We have an email database of over 10 000 families in KZN centered around Greater Durban and Pietermaritzburg, reaching a target audient of families with young children. Our regular readers are within the Living Standards Measure (LSM) segmentation 5-10.

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💮 to find new customers.

💮 to remind your old customers you are still here, they forget quickly.

💮 as your competition isn't quitting!

💮 so you can get ... and keep your name top of mind.

💮 as email marketing is still one of the strongest customer conversion tools.

💮 to make more sales and money! 

Option 1

e-Newsletter Blast. Your flyer will be the only focus in the e-newsletter. Book your date in advance to avoid disappointment. Total cost R 1500

Option 2

Family Diary "What's on" Directory Listing on our website. Short listing of 50 words with links to your contact details.

3 Months Contract - R200             

6 Months Contract - R 360 

9 Months Contract - R 500            

12 Months Contract - R700 

Option 3

Block Image Advert at the bottom of our website page of the "What's on" page with links to your contact details.

3 Months Contract - R400

6 Months Contract - R 720

9 Months Contract - R 1000

12 Months Contract - R1400

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What our advertising clients have to say

What our advertising clients had to say:  

We are pleased to share feedback we have received from clients that have advertised with Family Diary.

@ Vishal Vadival - Karate Do - second article e-newsletter

Thank you for yet another great response from your Family Diary e-newsletter. I was overwhelmed with inquiries about my business and have seen growth through your advertising.

@ Christina - Natural Nerd

The response to the article newsletter was fantastic, thank you. I did have an influx of new visitors on my site and at least 50 new subscribers, which is great. I will definitely keep this marketing avenue in mind for another future promotion. Kind regards Christina.

@ Vishal Vadival - Karate Do - first article e-newsletter

Great response from my e-newsletter, well over 50 enquires, really fantastic. Thanks to Family Diary.

@ Riana Botha - Hit the Books

The response has been great....emails started pouring in. A bit overwhelming at times, but wonderful. A great way to advertise! Thanks a mill!

@ Santi Sterley - Carpet Dry Cleaning

Wow... what an overwhelming response I received from my advert!!! I am so thrilled - really got such a big boost from advertising in the Family Diary.

I am not an ad designing person so when I asked Kim to do this and that and remember the thingies... she understood exactly what I needed!!

I am very pleased with an agency that knows what their people need and how to reach the correct target market. Thanks again for your quick response and friendly manner in which you assisted me.

@ Katie Kasambala - Little Cooks Club

It’s been a great week, rounding out our holiday classes and straight into full term classes next week.

The response from the advertising campaign was phenomenal. Lead generation is such a tricky thing to measure.

Due to the way the responses came through, however, we were able in this case to directly link responses to the ad.

On average, prior to placing the ad with you we had 10 queries per week.

After placing that ad, within the first two days of it running we had 71 queries and by the end of a week about 90 – a phenomenal success in our books!

So we’re really happy with the outcome. It’s definitely worth doing to get potential clients to know about your brand and prompt them to engage with you.

By far the best marketing ROI we’ve had to date.

@ Mike Masson - Fish Eagle's Lair

Thanks the phone is already ringing more often and the emails are up.

You are the best value for money advertising around. Regards Mike

@ Stephen Conway – Call 4 More

e-Newsletter Article May

Don’t know what you have done but my in box is almost at capacity-going to have to work overtime this weekend answering questions. I have 5 appointments for next week and 18 people to call on Tuesday!! Best investment I have ever ever ever  made!! Thanks Kim!!

@ Natasha Dial – The Laser Loft

e-Newsletter Article April

Thank you very much for the superb job you've done. The response to the ad has been amazing. And yes I would definitely recommend your service.

@ Nick Brushett - Kings Sports

e-Newsletter Article February

The feedback was great we had a number of mums emailing for more information and to book so we have easily covered the cost of the advert, we even had a lady ask us to run a team building event for her office. Kind regards Nick

@ Laura-May Louw - Pilates in Motion

e-Newsletter Article January

I recently did a spot email newsletter with Family Diary to promote my business and the response I received was exactly what I was looking for. It was the start of a new year and being in the fitness industry, I knew that mom’s would respond to my Pilates article.  Kim’s service has always been tops. She is efficient, friendly and her design work is always tops. I would recommend Family Diary for your advertising any day.

@ Carol Hill - Ashtonvale Guest Farm

e-Newsletter Article December

Oh my phones are going crazy.....thank you and God bless.

@ Mandi Saunders - Neo Cubes

e-Newsletter Article November

Thank you so much for all you have done for my new little business.  I have had over 30 people respond to my mail with purchases and enquiries still coming in.  I am most grateful to you for all your advertising and the work you put in to my advert.  I have spread the word and will most certainly use you again.  Take care

@ Andrea Lowe - Maternity Matters

e-Newsletter Article November

Thanks for the mail. It's been good. I've had a lot of enquiries about the service. I certainly feel this is a more cost effective way of advertising. I've advertised in magazines at a higher cost and less response. I would really consider this first as the way to go in the future. Thanks for facilitating the process! Kind regards Andrea 

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